June 20, 2024

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flight to axum airport

Logo-Less Ethiopian Airlines Axum Flight Raises Questions

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Axum Airport in the Tigray region resumed its operations on June 9, 2024. Axum airport was out of service for the last four years as it was damaged during the war. Ethiopian Airlines resumed its flights to Axum City, which were previously suspended due to the ongoing conflict in the Tigray region.

Ethiopian Airlines used a Boeing 737-700 aircraft for the Axum flight, and 140 passengers were boarded on the plane to travel to the Axum on June 9. However, the plane did not display the standard Ethiopian Airlines logo or color scheme. This unusual appearance led many people to question the flight and speculate about the reasons behind the different looks. Several Ethiopian government agencies have also asked for more information about the flight and requested an investigation into the matter.

Ethiopian Airlines has recently acquired several new aircraft, including Boeing 737 and Q-400 (Bombardier) models. The airline also has stakes in airlines based in Togo, Malawi, and Zambia.

When planes from these partner airlines come to Ethiopia for maintenance, Ethiopian Airlines sends some of its white-painted planes without the logo to operate the flights. This is because the partner airlines are separate companies and cannot use the Ethiopian Airlines branding.

By using its aircraft on these flights, Ethiopian Airlines generates revenue and benefits from the maintenance work being done on the partner airlines’ planes in Ethiopia.

This practice is a common thing that happens all over the world. Many airlines worldwide operate planes without their logos or branding, often due to partnerships or maintenance agreements.

Moreover, an Ethiopian Airlines source said, “This white-painted plane was randomly selected by the flight department yesterday. For example, on today’s flight, it is not a plane but one with the logo of Ethiopian Airlines flying to Axum.”

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