June 20, 2024

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Fires seen in Kafta Humera woreda of Western Tigray

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Fires are being reported in Kafta Himora woreda of Ethiopia. According to FIRIS ( Fires in Settlements), on the night between December 2 and 3, fires were seen along the main road which links Himora town with Sheraro town.

Though seasonal fires do happen around this time of the year, these fires reported a few hours ago seem to have been on the main road which cuts through western Tigray. Though there is no confirmation about ongoing fighting in the area where fires were seen. But the fires do hint at some activity on the ground.


Ethiopian Federal Forces and Amhara Regional forces took control of Himora in November 2020. Some sources say that Eritrean forces are also deployed in western Tigray. Since then,

despite several attempts, Tigray forces could not retake Himora, Welkait, and Tsegede in Western Tigray. Could these fires be linked to fighting on the ground?

Tigray forces are withdrawing from key towns in the Amhara region. Western Tigray could be a new battleground if Tigray forces withdrew completely from the Amhara region back into Tigray.