July 19, 2024

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Ethiopian Agriculture Authority has announced that they have started strictly controlling and inspec

EU Tightens the Rules for Ethiopian Agricultural Products

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The Ethiopian Agriculture Authority has announced that they have started strictly controlling and inspecting agricultural products before exporting them to the European Union. They are ensuring the products meet the high standards set by the EU.

The Ethiopian authority has established a system to monitor products from the farm to the point of export. This allows them to comply with international trade laws and standards.

Last Wednesday, the Ethiopian Flower and Fruits and Vegetables Producers Association gave equipment to the Agriculture Authority. This equipment enables them to test export products within Ethiopia. The EU is now requiring very stringent quality checks before products can leave for Europe.

Wardale Habtamu, the Deputy Director General of the Agriculture Authority, explained that the EU has issued tough new laws. He said they must inspect Ethiopian exports domestically to verify they meet the standards before allowing them to leave the country.

Habtamu stated that the donated equipment will greatly assist their inspection process. He noted that currently, 25% of Ethiopian exports to Europe undergo inspection upon arrival there. By strengthening in-country controls, the authority can prevent products not meeting standards from being exported.

The Director-General declared the authority, although newly established, has begun ensuring exported products meet the required quality levels. He said they are accomplishing this through very careful work. The authority is also negotiating with the EU to fulfill their new requirements.

The Agriculture Authority emphasized that with the 192 articles of the International Plant Protection Convention recently amended, especially for plant products, they must take great care. They stressed the need to ensure the quality and standards of exports meet increasingly difficult world trade requirements, not just in Europe but globally.

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