July 19, 2024

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Ethiopian teachers

Ethiopian Teachers Complain of Deductions from Salary

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Ethiopian teachers are complain about deductions from their salaries.

The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association highlighted this issue saying that the salaries of teachers are being deducted in the name of development contributions without consultation.

The vice president of the association, Shimels Abebe, said yesterday that this is happening to teachers in different regions.

He said that teachers are being forced to contribute to the construction of roads etc. The Association said that teachers and teachers associations should have been consulted before such deductions.

Mr. Shimelis said that the problems of teachers in the regions are increasing from time to time and that they are being denied the benefits they should get, such as promotion and promotion.

He also explained that there are teachers who are not able to cope with the cost of living with the current salary. Unfortunately, there are teachers in the Southern, Afar and Amhara regions who have not been paid their salaries for three or four months.

No statement has been issued by the Ethiopian ministry of education about these accusations so far.

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