June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Bans Medical Treatment Abroad

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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has banned medical treatment for Ethiopian government officials in foreign countries.

He announced that while inaugurating a hospital in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. On Saturday, he inaugurated the Defense Specialized Referral Hospital. The hospital has been built in Bischoftu city. The PM said,” This hospital has been completed 35 years after its foundation stone was laid. It provides several medical services including kidney dialysis, neurological, pulmonary and respiratory treatments.

Ethiopian PM Abiy said that the government officials should make use of world class health care services provided at the Defense Specialized Referral Hospital. He added government officials will not be allowed to seek medical care abroad as they can now get the same services in Ethiopia now.

“This hospital is different from other hospitals in Ethiopia in terms of quality and technological capacity. It is the best hospital in the country,” he said.

The Ethiopian PM office has not so far issued instructions in black and white banning medical treatment abroad for government officials.

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