June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia NBE Chief

Ethiopian NBE Chief Mamu Mihretu Attends BRICS Summit

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Ethiopian delegation, led by NBE Chief Mr. Mamu Esmelealem Mihretu, is participating in the Third Meeting of BRICS being held in Russia. The meeting commenced yesterday.

This event, which brings together representatives from BRICS countries, focuses on discussions to enhance cooperation and strategic alignments among the member states.

In his address, Mamo Mihretu, the Governor of National Bank of Ethiopia, highlighted BRICS’s potential as a stabilizing force in the current volatile global economic and political landscape. He emphasized that BRICS could effectively address international challenges through partnership, leveraging the combined resources and efforts of member countries.

Mamo detailed Ethiopia’s strategic steps towards integrating into the BRICS framework, notably the approval of the National BRICS Participation Strategy by the National Coordinating Committee of Ministers. He expressed optimism that Ethiopia’s alignment with the priorities of The New Development Bank would facilitate the country’s swift accession.

The ongoing meeting aims to consolidate contributions for the agenda of the upcoming BRICS foreign ministers’ conference, scheduled for 10-11 June, 2024.

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