June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian MoE Shares Practice Material for Upcoming 12th Grade Exam

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Last month, the Ethiopian National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency announced that the 12th grade exam, which will be held online for the first time, will be conducted on computers provided by the government. However, students can bring their personal computers too. The Ministry of Education is making efforts to ensure the success of this transition to a paperless examination system.

According to the information released by the Ministry of Education, the link provided to examinees in clusters is where they can access practice materials before the actual exam day.

The ministry has clarified that students can practice by entering the link corresponding to the exam cluster where they will be taking the exams. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the digital platform and format before the official examination date.

Moreover, the ministry stated that examiners who have not yet received their username and password are advised to contact their school coordinators, as these credentials have already been shared with educational offices.

Moreover, the Ethiopian 12th grade national exam schedule for the 2016 (Ethiopian Calendar) academic year has been announced. You can see the schedule here.

There are a total of four clusters, and you can enter the link corresponding to the exam cluster where you will be taking the exams.

Cluster one (https://c2.exam.et)

In cluster one, Addis Ababa City Administration, Sidama National Region, and Tigray National Region are included.

Cluster two (https://c3.exam.et)

In cluster two, South West Ethiopia Peoples Region, Gambella people’s region, and Amhara National Region are included.

Cluster three (https://c4.exam.et)

In cluster three, Benishangul Gumuz National Region, Harari National Region, and Afar National Region are included.

Oromia National Region-1 (https://c4.exam.et)

In Oromia National Region 1, Adama City, Agaro City, Ambo City, Eastern RC, Western RC, Assela City, Batu City, City of Beshoftu, Borena, Bule Hora City, Bueno in my Bedele, Dodola City, East Bale, East Borena, Guji, East Hararge, West Hararge, Holeta City, Horo Guduru, and Elubabor are included.

Cluster four (https://c5.exam.et)

In cluster four, the Diredawa City Administration is included.

Oromia National Region-2 (https://c5.exam.et)

Jimma, Jimma City, Qelem Wollega, Magic City, Metu City, Mojo City, Moyale City, Nejo City, Nekemt City, Robe City Administration, Sandafa, Shakiso City, Shashemene City, Sheger City, Sheno City, East Shewa, North Shewa (Oromia), South West Shewa, West Shewa, East Wollega, West Wollega, West Guji, and City of Woliso are included.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to view a brief instructional video that outlines the steps to follow when logging in to the main website for the main exam.

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