April 16, 2024

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Ethiopian Military Claims Victory Against Fano Fighters

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In recent developments, the Ethiopian military has asserted a significant accomplishment in its ongoing operations against Fano Fighters. The military claims to have eliminated dozens of Fano Fighters, but the authenticity of this assertion remains under scrutiny.


Three days ago, the Ethiopian military initiated an operation against Fano Fighters, strategically blocking main roads in the South Wollo and North Shewa Zones in the Amhara region. However, the operation aimed to curb the activities of Fano Fighters, who have been accused of various incidents, including the alleged killing of Oromo teachers.

Unresolved Areas

Despite the military’s claim of success, there is a lack of updates regarding the specific situations in areas like Shoa Robit and Debre Birhan. The ongoing conflict between Fano Fighters and the military continues in North Shewa and South Wollo.

Military’s Focus on Gojjam

The military has shifted its focus to Gojjam, a stronghold of Fano Fighters. In the Sekela District in Gojjam, the military asserts that 47 Fano group members were killed, including eight seniors and individuals involved in logistics. However, it’s clarified that these individuals are not top Fano commanders.

Claims and Counterclaims

While the Ethiopian military declares victory, Fano Fighters reciprocate with claims of their own, asserting the killing of dozens of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) members. The conflicting narratives raise questions about the credibility of both parties involved.


As the Ethiopian military and Fano Fighters exchange conflicting claims, the actual outcome of the ongoing operation remains uncertain. Moreover, both sides insist on their successes, leaving the authenticity of these statements to be determined in the coming updates.