June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian Government Proposes the Biggest Budget for 2025

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The Ethiopian government has proposed a massive budget for the year 2025, estimated to be around 1 trillion birr ($17.4 billion). Today, the Council of Ministers held its 34th regular meeting to discuss various matters, including this significant budget proposal.

The proposed 2025 budget represents a substantial increase of more than $2 billion compared to the current fiscal year which was $15 billion. Whereas, the current year’s budget was $200 million more than the previous year.

The larger budget allocation reflects the government’s commitment to its long-term development plans and goals.

The 2025 federal budget is a key part of Ethiopia’s long-term development plan. It supports the goals of the 2024-2026 development plan and the 2025-2029 economic framework. The budget was prepared by considering the government’s finances and expected income. It also looked at the costs needed for government agencies to fulfill their responsibilities.

The budget of one trillion birr presented to the council by the Ethiopian government includes regular expenses, capital expenditures, support for states, sustainable development goals, and reserve costs. The council reviewed the 2025 draft budget and unanimously agreed to add resources and send it to the House of People’s Representatives.

If approved, it will be the biggest budget ever in Ethiopia. The government wants to use this money to fund important projects and help the economy grow.

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