July 19, 2024

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ethiopian federal police arrested suspenct in fake documents case

Ethiopian Federal Police Arrest Suspect in Fake Document Case

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The Ethiopian Federal Police arrested a person suspected of preparing and distributing fake documents. They arrested the suspect in Addis City subcity woreda 08 at a special location in front of the Daniel Hotel Keremela building, first floor, two shops under an internet house cover.

The police headquarters, in coordination with the Ethiopian Federal Police Crime Investigation General Directorate, arrested the suspect and seized the exhibits.

On July 4th, 2024, the police searched the suspect’s house with a court-issued permit. They seized fake kebele IDs, federal and regional birth certificates, airline flight tickets, city development and construction ministry professional certificates, Addis Ababa city revenue taxpayer certificates, hand-to-hand receipts, educational certificates, and many circular stamps. The Ethiopian Federal Police announced the arrest.

The police seized several hard disks, two laptops, CDs, flashlights, and other hard papers used to print fake documents, including police documents.

The police arrested one suspect among the individuals suspected of preparing fake documents. They are continuing their monitoring efforts to catch other suspects.

Before this, on July 2nd, 2024, the police of Addis Ababa announced the results of a 15-day operation. The operation was conducted from June 12 to June 26, 2024. The police in Addis Ababa arrested individuals for preparing fake license plates with stickers to aid criminal activities. They seized computers, laptops, flashlights, and cameras used in this operation. Read More…