July 19, 2024

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Ethiopian Electricity Service

Ethiopian Electricity Service Building Opened for Rent

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The Ethiopian Electricity Service building has been opened for rent to businesses. It was announced yesterday that the building where the headquarters of the Ethiopian Electricity Service were located has been opened for rent to businessmen. The headquarters of Ethiopian Electricity Service has been moved to the Bee Bank building at Mexico square.

Shops dealing in gold, cosmetics, watches, clothing, coffee shops, bakeries and other organizations that were providing business services in the area are interested in shifting their businesses into the building.

Interested parties to acquire the building on rent are being asked to submit a letter signed by the business owner/legal agent stating the size and floor area of ​​the space to be acquired on rent from July 15 to 19, 2024.

The main requirements are to provide evidence that they have been providing business services in the area in the past, to provide proof of renewed business license and payment of up-to-date taxes, to be ready to be governed by the institution’s building management laws and procedures, to provide services within the time limit set by the city administration, including at night, and to pay rent at the market rental rate set by the institution. It is said.

The Ethiopian Electricity Service will announce the next process after July 19 based on the number of interested tenants and the demand for space rent.

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