June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian electric utility

Ethiopian Electric Utility to Provide Cards at Every Store

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The customers who use cards to pay for electricity services will be able to buy cards at every store. Preparations are underway to ensure that customers can easily buy cards close to their homes. The announcement came from Ethiopian Electric Utility.

Director of Corporate Communication Directorate of Ethiopian Electricity Utility, Melaku Taye, stated today that work is being done to update the technology regarding the service of customers who use cards. He said that Ethiopian electric utility is working to provide cards at all stores. Customers who pay by Telebur will be able to get an electricity card in every supermarket and shop in the form of a mobile card.

In the last 10 months, Ethiopian Electricity Service has been able to provide electricity service to 76 new rural towns and areas.

On the other hand, the cities of Wolaita Sodo, Shashemene, Harar, Kombolcha, Gondar are areas where network improvement and reconstruction are in progress. Customers, including government institutions, who do not pay their service bills, line failure and aging and theft of electricity service lines are the challenges of the fiscal year.

Last week, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has announced that it collected over 14 billion birr from domestic electricity sales, exceeding its target of 13.8 billion birr for the first nine months of the current fiscal year. Read more..

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