June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian Civil Servants Protest Over Non Payment of Salaries

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Civil servants of Ethiopia protested twice this week over unpaid salaries. Civil servants are not being paid salaries in southern Ethiopia. This week, hundreds of government employees protested in Sodo city. Sodo is situated in Wolaita zone. The govt employees including teachers staged second protest on Friday. They marched towards govt offices. Police however blocked roads and dispersed the protesters who were marching toward the regional president’s office to submit their petition.

The ongoing situation has disrupted social service delivery in the region. High school students from the Damot Weyde district say that classes have been suspended as teachers are protesting in Badessa town. Parents are urging the administration to address the problem.

The reasons behind the delayed salaries for civil servants in the region remain unclear, as the government has not provided any explanation for the non-payment.

It seems that regional government has run out of funds. Earlier a university in Southern Ethiopia put up messages saying it had run out of funds allocated for providing meals to students.

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