June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority to Grant Permits to Private Carriers

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This week, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority announced to issue permits to private charter flight companies to start regular passenger and cargo flights within Ethiopia. Private airlines that previously only offered chartered flights can now operate scheduled flights for both people and goods inside Ethiopia.

Ethiopia owns the largest airline has not been able to build a vibrant private sector in the aviation industry. The general aviation is at its infant stage. Private investment in the aviation sector was limited to the operation of small private airlines that operate charter flight services. There are about twelve private airlines operating in Ethiopia but none of them were allowed to operate scheduled flights. But now these airlines can operate scheduled flights.                          

This decision will open up opportunities for private operators to expand their services within the aviation sector.

Currently Ethiopian Airlines is the only airline providing services. However, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority is now allowing a private airline to start operating in this sector very soon. This means more options for travelers and potentially more competition in the market.

Through issuing this license, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority emphasized that the aviation industry will play a crucial role in the country’s development and provide a platform for investors to offer secure services.

The decision to grant flight permits to private carriers is expected to significantly boost tourism in Ethiopia. It will improve the accessibility to tourist hubs across the country. Moreover, it will attract more visitors and generate substantial revenue for the industry.

Additionally, ECAA has initiated efforts to construct over twenty airstrips and helipads in remote areas previously lacking air connectivity. Through public-private partnerships, these infrastructure projects aim to expand the reach of aviation services and open up new destinations for travelers. Read More…

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