June 19, 2024

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Ethiopian businessman of Tigrayan ethnicity kidnapped in Nairobi Kenya

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Ethiopian businessman of Tigrayan ethnicity, Samson Tekle Michael, who was kidnapped in broad daylight in Nairobi Kenya on Friday is still missing.

Video showing alleged abduction of Samson Tekle Michael in Nairobi Kenya

Samson Tekle Michael, doing gas export business, was kidnapped by unknown men in Nairobi Kenya. A passerby filmed the incident and share the video clip. The clip shows Samson Tekle Michael being forcibly taken out of his car in the presence of a traffic police official and put into another vehicle.

According to Samson’s wife, she received a phone call from him immediately after his abduction in which Samson told her that he had been abducted. His mobile was powered off after that.

So far Kenyan government has not issued any official statement in this regard. Was Samson abducted by intelligence officials? Samson was involved in philanthropic activities in Kenya, he was supporting Tigrayan refugees in Kenya. Is Samson in Kenya or is he being handed over to the Ethiopian government?