June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia Fake Currency

Ethiopian Bank Employee Caught Printing Fake Money

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An Ethiopian Private bank employee has been arrested printing fake money. Police arrested the suspect Mubarak Saeed Hassan in Harar city. Mubarak claims to be district relations officer of a private bank.

The man paid six hundred fake birr note to buy lunch at a hotel in Shenkor Woreda. He gave sixty birr note as tip to a waiter at the hotel. The hotel owner checked the money and reported the matter to the police.

The regional police searched the person’s house and found 1300 fake silver notes with two hundred, cannabis marijuana, a color scanning machine that prints notes, a mobile with a software with a picture of notes, fake currency notes and laptops. The Harari police commission has reported that the papers with different colors have been seized and the police refrained from revealing which bank the suspect was working in. The accused said he bought the machine a few weeks ago.

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