June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian artificial intelligence

Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute & StemPower Join Hands

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Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute and StemPower Ethiopia agreed to work together.

STEMpower Ethiopia is a local charity registered in Ethiopia under the Authority for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO). It is part of STEMpower Inc., which has been implementing many successful STEM programs in Sub-Saharan African countries

The agreement aims to create cooperation in the areas where the two institutions can work together. This allows the institutions to work together to conduct joint research and research based on artificial intelligence, to prepare training and context studies, and mainly to empower young people in the field.

Taye Girma (Dr.), Deputy Director General of Artificial Intelligence Institute, in his message on the project, said that the institute is working with special attention on summer training for teenagers. The Deputy General Director pointed out that the agreement reached with Steam Power Ethiopia will create a better capacity to strengthen this training program.

The Country Director of Stem Power Ethiopia, Dr. Semenewu Sxukas, said that his institution is working to make teenagers have better access to science and technology, and that the agreement with the institute will help in this.

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