April 16, 2024

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Ethiopian and Tigray governments reach humanitarian understanding

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ethiopia news

Ethiopian and Tigray governments have reached an understanding to ensure delivery of aid to people in both Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia. According to the agreement, 369 trucks carrying aid are being sent to Tigray. At the same time, humanitarian flights are being sent to Kombolcha and Lalibela airports for delivery of aid in those areas of the Amhara region, where Tigray forces are in control.

Last week, UN Humanitarian chief Martin Griffith, visited Ethiopia. He met with Tigray and Amhara leadership. He held a meeting with Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen too. US envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffery Feltman, and African Union mediator Olusegun Obasanjo have also arrived back in Ethiopia in order to step up their mediation efforts.