July 19, 2024

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APEX Passenger Choice Awards

Ethiopian Airlines Soars High with APEX Passenger Choice Awards

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Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s leading aviation group, has been recognized for its exceptional in-flight entertainment and wireless internet services. Ethiopian Airlines won two prestigious awards at the 2024 APEX Passenger Choice Awards.

The airline wins the “Best Entertainment Award in Africa” for providing its passengers with a top-notch entertainment experience during their flights. This award acknowledges Ethiopian Airlines’ commitment to ensuring its customers are kept engaged and entertained throughout their journeys.

Ethiopian Airlines won APEX Passenger Choice Awards

In addition, Ethiopian Airlines is honored with the “Best Wi-Fi Award in Africa” for its outstanding in-flight wireless internet service. This award highlights the airline’s efforts to keep its passengers connected and productive, even at high altitudes.

The APEX Passenger Choice Awards are highly respected in the aviation industry, as they are based on direct feedback from passengers. These recognitions demonstrate Ethiopian Airlines’ dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences and positioning itself as a leading airline in Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines has diversified into various aviation-related businesses like cargo, ground handling, maintenance, and catering. The airline was a pioneer in introducing new aircraft models like the B767, B777, B787 Dreamliner, and Airbus A350 in Africa. Moreover, Ethiopian Airlines has built an extensive route network, serving 136 international passenger and cargo destinations, including 63 cities in Africa.

The Ethiopian government’s 100% ownership and support have enabled the airline to access funding and resources more easily.

These factors have allowed Ethiopian Airlines to consistently deliver excellent passenger experiences, which have been recognized through prestigious awards like the APEX Passenger Choice Awards.

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