June 20, 2024

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Ethiopia says western intervention in Ethiopian internal matters is decreasing

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Ethiopian Communication Ministry spokesperson today said that western intervention in Ethiopian internal matters had decreased slightly. He further said that western media’s biased reporting on Ethiopia had also declined a little.


Since the start of Ethiopia’s Tigray war in November 2020, the Ethiopian government has been accusing the US and western countries of backing Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The Ethiopian government has been accusing CNN, BBC, Reuters, Washington Post, etc of being biased in their coverage of the ongoing Ethiopia-Tigray conflict.

Within the past few days, Ethiopian government forces have scored major gains in Amhara and Afar regions. Tigray forces have been pushed out of some key towns in the last 10 days. Is it due to a change in battlefield position that the Ethiopian government has changed its harsh tone against western media and foreign countries?

Last month Ethiopian diaspora, said to be backed by the Ethiopian government, staged several protest rallies in the US and Europe against alleged intervention by foreign countries in Ethiopian internal matters.