July 19, 2024

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Ethiopia Launches First Fast-Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

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Ethiopia has taken a significant step towards sustainable transportation with the launch of its first fast-charging station for electric vehicles. TotalEnergies Ethiopia spearheaded this initiative, integrating the charging facility into an existing gas station.

Saharla Abdullahi, the Director General of the Petroleum and Energy Authority

Saharla Abdullahi, the Director General of the Petroleum and Energy Authority, expressed strong support for the project. She emphasized its potential to substantially reduce air pollution in the capital city, addressing a pressing environmental concern.

Two days ago, the oil and energy authority in Ethiopia announced that they were working on developing an electric vehicle charging system (EV-CHARGE) in the country. They have been holding discussions and preparing guidance systems with various stakeholders to get this system up and running soon. The Deputy Director General of the Authority, Mr. Ahmed Said, met with stakeholders at the Haile Grand Hotel to discuss the guidelines for the upcoming electric vehicle charging system. He explained that Ethiopia is transitioning from fuel-powered vehicles to renewable-powered electric vehicles, and there are several activities underway to facilitate this transition. Read More…

This development comes in response to the increasing number of electric vehicles on Ethiopian roads. Recognizing this growing trend, the Authority is currently drafting guidelines to facilitate the establishment of public EV charging stations. This move aims to create a more comprehensive infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles.

In April 2024, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics disclosed that the number of imported and domestically assembled electric vehicles in Ethiopia had exceeded 100,000.

The introduction of this fast-charging station marks an important milestone in Ethiopia’s journey towards cleaner transportation and improved urban air quality. It sets a precedent for future developments in the country’s evolving automotive landscape.

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