June 20, 2024

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Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopia is on Track to Break the Coffee Revenue Record

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The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority shared that they have exported 252,446 tons of coffee in the last 11 months of the current fiscal year. And they have generated $1.2 billion from these 252,446 tons of coffee. Adugna Debela, the Director General of the Authority, states, “Ethiopia has a high chance of surpassing the all-time high revenue obtained two years ago from coffee exports.”

In the 2021–22 fiscal year, Ethiopia set a new record by exporting 300,000 tons of coffee, generating a revenue of $1.4 billion.

Last month, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority shared the stats, and as per the stats, Ethiopia exported 210,000 tons of coffee in the last ten months of the current fiscal year, generating $1 billion.

So in the last month of May, Ethiopia exported more than 42,000 tons of coffee and generated more than $0.2 billion. In terms of quantity, Ethiopia exported 5% more coffee than planned and earned 7% higher revenue than the planned figure in May.

The European Union (EU), a vital market for Ethiopian coffee, accounts for approximately 30% of the country’s annual coffee sales. However, a new regulation scheduled to come into effect on December 30, 2024, will introduce stricter requirements for Ethiopian exporters, which could significantly impact this substantial revenue source.

Moreover, Ethiopia ships coffee to around 50 to 60 nations, with the United States, Japan, Belgium, Germany, and Saudi Arabia being the leading importers and consumers of Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian Airlines is also helping Ethiopia increase its coffee exports. Last month, Ethiopian Airlines announced that they had reduced the shipping fee for coffee products sent to Asia and the Middle East. Ethiopian Airlines offered a $1.5 per kilogram discount on cargo services for coffee products. Read More…

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