July 19, 2024

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Ethiopia Gets Billion-Dollar Success in Coffee Exports

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The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority shared that they have exported 252,446 tons of coffee in the last 11 months of the current fiscal year. And they have generated more than $1 billion ($1,208,730,000) from these 252,446 tons of coffee exports.

In the last month of May 2024, Ethiopia exported 43,481 tons of coffee and generated $209.54 million. 

Coffee and Tea Authority Public Relations and Communication Executive Sahlemaryam Gebremedh highlighted that the current outcome surpasses the results from the same period in the past three consecutive years. He emphasized that all stakeholders, including coffee farmers, suppliers, exporters, and those involved in the industry, have played a significant role in this achievement.

The authority is implementing various initiatives to boost production and productivity, as well as address marketing challenges. As a result, significant improvements have been observed in marketing, particularly in the elimination of complex practices and the establishment of a more efficient marketing system.

Ethiopia’s coffee industry has experienced remarkable progress in recent years. Suppliers and exporters now directly manage a large portion, around 80-90%, of the country’s coffee exports to international markets. This direct marketing system, implemented in 2013, has driven significant increases in export volumes, revenue, and product quality.

As a result of these improvements, Ethiopia has achieved a historic milestone, crossing the billion-dollar mark in foreign currency earnings from coffee exports since 2014.

To further expand its global market presence, the Ethiopian authorities are implementing various strategies. They are working to maintain the country’s existing trade partnerships while also actively developing new market opportunities. This approach has enabled Ethiopia to break into new destinations, such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Japan, and Sudan, which were not previously among its top coffee buyers.

Moreover, Ethiopia ships coffee to around 50 to 60 nations, with the United States, Japan, Belgium, Germany, and Saudi Arabia being the leading importers and consumers of Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian Airlines is also helping Ethiopia increase its coffee exports. Last month, Ethiopian Airlines announced that it had reduced the shipping fee for coffee products sent to Asia and the Middle East. Ethiopian Airlines offered a $1.5 per kilogram discount on cargo services for coffee products.

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