July 14, 2024

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Eskinder Nega

Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega Establishes New Fano Platform

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In recent developments within Ethiopian politics, significant meetings and announcements have emerged, indicating shifts in alliances and strategies. This article delves into two key events: a meeting between Tigray and Amhara representatives and the formation of a new Fano platform by Eskinder Nega.

Eskinder Nega’s New Fano Platform

Eskinder Nega, a prominent figure in the Amhara region and former politician, has recently announced the establishment of a new Fano platform by the name of Amhara Fano People’s Front. This setup includes political, diplomatic, and financial wings, with Nega naming individuals to lead each wing. The aim appears to be consolidating Fano groups under a centralized structure to enhance coordination and effectiveness.

Tigray-Amhara Engagement

Simultaneously, efforts are underway to foster an alliance between Tigray and Amhara factions. Recent meetings have been held, with representatives from both sides convening to discuss potential collaboration. Despite challenges such as differing perspectives on certain issues, there is a growing interest in aligning interests to confront the federal government. Tigray Amhara diaspora members met in the US. The main obstacle in the meeting arose about Wolkait and Raya.

Analysis and Implications

These developments signal a dynamic landscape in Ethiopian politics, with various groups maneuvering to strengthen their positions and advance their objectives. The emergence of Eskinder Nega’s new Fano platform underscores the evolving nature of resistance movements within the country. Similarly, the prospect of a Tigray-Amhara alliance reflects shifting alliances and strategies amid ongoing political turmoil.


As Ethiopia navigates through a period of uncertainty and instability, the formation of new platforms and the exploration of alliances are indicative of the complex dynamics at play. The outcomes of these developments will undoubtedly shape the country’s political landscape in the coming months.

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