June 20, 2024

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Ethio Telecom Urged to Hike Salaries of Lower Level Officials

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A Committee of the House of People’s Representatives has asked Ethio Telecom to reconsider the salary structure of lower level officials. The standing committee members have suggested that Ethio Telecom’s pay for entry-level employees is good compared to other organizations. But it is not enough as compared to the cost of living.

Ethio telecom, owned by the Ethiopian government, is based in Addis Ababa. It is one of the “Big-5” group of state owned corporations in Ethiopia, along with Ethiopian Airlines, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, and the Ethiopian Shipping Lines. It has around 40,000 employees. It generated around 75 billion birr in 2023.

This week, the Ethiopian house of people’s representatives proposed updates to existing employee law. They talked about a proposal to update and change an existing law called the Federal Government Employees Decree No. 1064/2010. Some of the key changes suggested in the new draft law include increasing government employee salaries, revising the salary structure and pay levels. Moreover, setting up an independent system to assess, certify, and train government employees, improving the system for promotions, benefits, and incentives, and clarifying rules around hiring, firing, and contract extensions for government staff are also included in the draft law.

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