July 19, 2024

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Ethio Telecom Restores Service to 83 Ethiopian Localities

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Ethio Telecom, the national telecommunications provider in Ethiopia, has announced that they have successfully repaired and restored service to 87 mobile stations that had previously stopped working in the Western Region of the country.

As a result of these repair efforts, 83 kebeles and cities across 42 woredas in the region have now regained access to telecom services. The company deployed technical teams to fix the telecom infrastructure that had been out of service in areas like Western and Eastern Wollega, Horu Guduru, and Qelem Wollega zones.

Ethio Telecom reported that they have repaired mobile stations in various zones, including 18 in Horuguduru, 19 in West Wollega, 17 in Qelem Wollega, 12 in East Wollega, and one in West Shewa. Additionally, the company stated that 20 mobile stations that were previously not fully operational have now been restored to reliable service. Ethio Telecom emphasized that this maintenance and repair work will continue in the remaining areas that still lack consistent telecom service.

The restoration of these critical telecom services in Western Ethiopia is an important step in improving connectivity and access to communication for residents of the region.

Moreover, last month, Ethio Telecom announced that it had expanded its 4G LTE network to more cities. And now Ethio Telecom is offering the service in over 400 cities across Ethiopia.

Ethio Telecom has introduced a new 4G LTE mobile internet service in 77 cities across the country with significant data consumption. The expansion aims to provide faster and more reliable internet connectivity to meet the growing demand for high-speed data services in these areas.

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