July 19, 2024

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electricity restored in wollega zones

Electricity Restored in Wollega Zones After Months of Outage

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In the Wollega zones of Ethiopia, 16 areas that were without electricity for months to 3 years due to security problems have had their power restored after repair work.

In the East Wollega Zone:

Leka Dulcha woreda, Bandra city

Sere woreda, Woligelte kebele

Guto Gida woreda, Haro kebele

Kiremu woreda, Kokofe kebele

have had electricity restored.

In Horo Guduru zone under Guduru woreda:



Ruftoko Tane

Bikiltu Embabo

are able to use the electricity service again.

In the East Wollega Zone:

Gimbi woreda Baklalabo satellite

Boji Dirmeji woreda Bila 02 kebele

Mendi woreda Doro Tobera satellite

Kondala woreda Hopa

have also got electricity again.

Additionally, the places known as Tabor and Mata Telecom, located under Qelem Wollega Zone Seyo Woreda, are back to having electricity. The Ethiopian Electricity Service repaired over 77 kilometers of electric lines and replaced 15 transformers to restore power to these areas.

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