June 20, 2024

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EEP Ethiopia

EEP Ethiopia Earns $78 Million from Exporting Electricity

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EEP Ethiopia earned more than 78.5 million dollars from the electricity it provided to foreign countries.

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has announced that in nine months, more than 78 million US dollars have been earned from the power supplied to foreign countries, and more than 14.8 billion birr from the sale of power supplied to the country.

The EEP Ethiopia stated that although the maintenance works were done with focus to make the power transmission and distribution works safe, the plan could not be achieved due to security problems in various areas.

Ethiopia generated more than 15 thousand gigawatt hours of energy in the nine months. Currently, Ethiopia sells electricity to three of its neighbors Djibouti, Sudan, and Kenya with which it established power connections over a year ago. Although Djibouti and Sudan are established buyers, Kenya started importing Ethiopian electricity last year. Ethiopian Electric Power is now set to start supplying electricity to Tanzania soon.

According to EEP, the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will be a great additional power source to fulfill the rapidly growing domestic demand and the demand from neighboring countries for electricity supply. 13 turbines of the dam are expected to produce about 16,000 GWh of electricity.

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