July 19, 2024

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Drone strike on Dessie city while Tigray forces continue withdrawing from Kombolcha & Dessie

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Tigray news

While Tigray forces continue their retreat from the Kombolcha and Dessie cities of the Amhara region, a drone strike happened last night. Around 11 pm Sunday night, a military convoy of Tigray Defence Force was hit by a drone strike. The strike happened near the city church in Dessie city. Some TDF soldiers were killed in the strike.

Meanwhile, the retreat of Tigray forces from Kombolcha city, which started yesterday, is still going on. Tigray forces have left most parts of Kombolcha and now they are retreating from Dessie city too.

While Tigray forces are retreating from 2 major towns i.e. Kombolcha & Dessie, Ethiopian air forces conducted a drone strike last night. Will Ethiopian forces allow safe passage to Tigray forces for the retreat from Kombolcha & Dessie?

How far do Tigray forces intend to withdraw from Amhara? Is TDF going to withdraw from all those towns of the Amhara region, which are under TDF?