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development bank of ethiopia

Development Bank of Ethiopia Swift Code

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Welcome to the dedicated page for the Swift Code / BIC of the Development Bank of Ethiopia. Whether you’re engaging in international transactions or seeking to wire funds to and from your account, having the correct Swift Code is crucial to ensure seamless and secure transfers. Below, you’ll find all the essential details you need to facilitate transactions with the Development Bank of Ethiopia.

When initiating an international wire transfer or any other transaction requiring the use of a Swift Code, it’s imperative to input the correct code to ensure that the funds reach the intended destination accurately.

What is a Swift Code?

A Swift Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC) used to uniquely identify a particular bank worldwide. It plays a pivotal role in international transactions, enabling banks to communicate securely and accurately during the transfer of funds. Moreover, each Swift Code consists of 8 to 11 characters and is composed of letters and numbers, signifying specific information about the country, city, bank, and its branch.

Example: Swift Code of Development Bank of Ethiopia Account in Addis Ababa Ethiopia 


Let us split it into pieces:

Bank Code: DEET (Development Bank of Ethiopia) This is the short version of the Bank’s name. All 4 letters represent the bank. The letters may be any from A-Z.

Country Code: ET (Ethiopia) 2 letters represent the country of the bank. The letters may be any from A-Z.

Location Code: AA (Addis Ababa) 2 characters made up of letters or numbers. It represents the location of the head office of the bank, indicating the city in which the bank branch is situated. The 2 characters can be Numbers / Letters 0-9, A-Z

Branch Code: XXX (Relevant Bank Branch code) 3 digits represent the particular branch. The 3 digits can be Numbers/Letters 0-9, A-Z

How to Use the Swift Code?

  • 1. When a person transfers money individually, they will go to their bank with the recipient’s banking SWIFT code and an international account number.
  • 2 . Provide the Swift Code: When prompted to enter the Swift Code of the receiving bank, input DEETETAAXXX for transactions involving the Development Bank of Ethiopia.
  • 3. Accurate Details: Double-check all recipient details, including the Swift Code and account number, to prevent any errors that may lead to delays or misrouting of funds.
  • 4. Initiate the Transfer: Once you’ve verified all the necessary information, proceed to initiate the transfer through your bank or financial institution’s online banking portal, or visit your nearest branch to complete the transaction in person.

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