June 20, 2024

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Desmond Tutu South Africa

Desmond Tutu anti apartheid icon passes away

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Desmond Tutu South African world renowned anti apartheid campaigner has died. Desmond Tutu was 90 years old. He waged non violent struggle against racial discrimination in South Africa. Close friend of Nelson Mandela, Tutu was known for being unflinching and straightforward. He resigned from teaching job due to segregation. Later he joined the clergy and became 1st black arch bishop of Cape Town.

Interestingly he was never imprisoned. He was awarded Noble Peace Prize in 1984. His one quote would always be a guiding principle to find solutions to world conflicts. He said,” If you want peace, you do NOT talk to your friends. Rather you talk to the ones that you least like”.

Desmond Tutu served as head of South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission too. He spoke against Iraq war terming it as an immoral war.

With the death of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, Africa has lost its two icons who were second to none.