July 19, 2024

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coffee exhibition in jimma

Cutting Out the Middleman: Impact of Jimma Exhibition on Coffee Profits

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The Jimma Coffee and Spice Exhibition is currently taking place in Jimma, Ethiopia, and will continue until tomorrow. This national event brings together coffee producers, suppliers, and exporters from across the country. The primary goal of the exhibition is to establish a direct connection between these key players in the coffee industry and the market.

The exhibition organizers believe that by facilitating direct market linkages between manufacturers (coffee producers) and suppliers, several advantages will arise:

The direct connection between producers and the market will eliminate the need for brokers or middlemen, who typically operate between these two parties. This direct approach will streamline the supply chain and reduce unnecessary costs.

ongoing coffee exhibition in Jimma, Ethiopia

With the removal of middlemen, coffee producers and suppliers will retain a larger portion of the profits from their products. This increased revenue can be reinvested into their businesses, leading to potential growth and expansion.

Last month, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority shared that they had exported 252,446 tons of coffee in the last 11 months of the current fiscal year. And they have generated more than $1 billion ($1,208,730,000) from these 252,446 tons of coffee exports. Read More…

Moreover, the direct market linkages will promote transparency in the coffee trade, as producers and suppliers can negotiate prices and terms directly with buyers. This efficiency can lead to faster transactions and better overall communication between all parties involved.


The Jimma Coffee and Spice Exhibition is a significant event that aims to revolutionize the coffee industry in Ethiopia by fostering direct connections between producers, suppliers, and the market. By eliminating middlemen and promoting transparency, this exhibition has the potential to benefit all stakeholders in the coffee supply chain.

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