April 16, 2024

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Colonel Demeke Zewdu

Colonel Demeke Zewdu Dismisses Rumors about his Appointment

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Colonel Demeke Zewdu last night dismissed rumors about his appointment to a top position in the Amhara region.

The Colonel is working as head of security in the disputed Humera Welkait Tsegede zone. The zone is contested by both Tigray and Amhara region. In recent days, it was being rumored that Colonel Demeke Zewdu administration is this zone will be dismantled.

The Colonel has been struggling for years to make Welkait Humera Tsegede zone as part of the Amhara region. He has been working as head of Amhara Identity Restoration Committee of Welkait Humera Tsegede. During EPRDF era, he remained in prison for his activities as head of the committee.

After war broke out in Northern Ethiopia in November 2020, Colonel Demeke Zewdu led Amhara regional forces & militia, the Ethiopian and Eritrean militaries took control of both disputed zones i.e. Western Zone (Humera Welkait Tsegede) and Southern Zone ( Raya Alamata, Korem etc). Since then he has been working as security head and deputy administrators of the area.

Since the signing of Pretoria peace deal in November 2022, Tigray has been demanding the restoration of its borders to pre war position. Efforts intensified last month to break the deadlock between the Tigray and Amhara regions over disputed territories.

The Ethiopian federal government last year proposed a solution which consists of four stages i.e. return of IDPs, disarming of militia and dismantlement of provisional government, election of new administration and holding of referendum.

It was being rumored this week that the Ethiopian federal government was going to dismantle Colonel Demeke Zewdu led administration in Welkait Humera Tsegede and he was going to be appointed as head of security in Amhara region or as advisor to the Amhara regional president.

But the Colonel last night dismissed these rumors. He said that he had not received any letter of appointment to a new position. But he did not elaborate upon his response in case his administration is dismantled in the disputed zone.

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