June 20, 2024

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Clashes between Ethiopian and Sudanese Forces in Fashaga

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Fighting is being reported between Ethiopian and Sudanese forces along the Sudan-Ethiopia border. According to Sudanese news sources, Sudanese forces have repelled an attack from Ethiopia side of the border in Barkah Noreen town in Fashaga al Sughra (Smaller Fashaga).


Sudan and Ethiopia are involved in a long-standing border dispute over the fertile lands of the Fashaga Triangle. Sudan claims that according to international laws, Fashaga Triangle, also called Fashaga Farms, is part of Sudan. However, the area was under the control of Amhara militias and farmers before the start of the Ethiopia-Tigray war in November 2020.

After the start of the Tigray war, Sudanese forces took advantage of the situation and captured large swathes of Fashaga farms. Since then tensions have been rising between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces in border areas. Several previous bouts of fighting have been seen between the two armies also involving Ethiopian Amhara militias in the past few months.

In this latest round of fighting, some Sudanese soldiers have been wounded and killed. Ethiopia has not issued any official statement in this regard so far.