July 14, 2024

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Eritrean opposition

Clash between Eritrean groups in Switzerland

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Two Eritrean groups clashed in Switzerland on Sunday. The incident is one in a series of similar incidents happening in Europe, America and Canada since last year.

An Eritrean group members gathered in Gerlafingen to celebrate a festival. Opponent group members traveled from across Switzerland to stop the festival. The opponent group claimed that the festival was backed by Eritrean government.

Since last year, Eritrean opposition groups have been attacking gatherings organized by Eritrean groups and individuals seen as pro Eritrean government.

Swiss police intervened to avert a deadly clash between the two sides. Police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse people. Traffic flow was disrupted due to clash between police and Eritrean opposition group members and Police took several hours to control the situation.

Last year, Brigade Nhamedu, an Eritrean opposition group emerged. The group is involved in several attacks on pro Eritrean government programs in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Israel, Canada and US. Several members of the group are facing criminal charges in Canada and Germany over their attacks on festivals.

The opposition Eritrean groups say that Eritrean government uses these festivals to raise money, blackmail diaspora community and create splits in diaspora. While pro Eritrean government groups say that these festivals are organized to celebrate Eritrean history, culture and language. They accuse opposition groups of backed by anti Eritrea elements.

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