June 20, 2024

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bahir dar industrial park

Chinese Company Invests in Bahir Dar Industrial Park

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Today, Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation announced that the Affluence Electric Appliances Manufacturing Plant has finished all the preparations needed to begin operations. Affluence Electric Appliances Manufacturing Plant is a Chinese company that makes electrical appliances.

Affluence Electric Appliances Manufacturing Plant and Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation made a deal and entered into a contract. The Chinese company was doing the work and made Bahir Dar Industrial Park ready to begin the operation.

Bahir dar industrial park ethiopia

Affluence Company has made a substantial investment of over 725 million into this project. This company plans to manufacture various electric transformers and digital meters once their production facilities become operational.

The company will manufacture and distribute its products primarily within the local Ethiopian market, aiming to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient electrical components. To make this happen, Affluence Company has taken a space of 5500 square meters in size.

Once this factory is running at its full ability, it will create a lot of new jobs for Ethiopians. It is expected that over 300 employment opportunities will become available at this factory when it is operating at maximum levels.

Yesterday, the Ethiopian Investment Commission announced that over the past ten months of the ongoing fiscal year, foreign investors have generated employment opportunities for approximately 75,000 individuals within industrial park. Commissioner Hanna Arayaselassie explained that one of the commission’s primary goals is to attract foreign direct investment and facilitate the necessary conditions for these investments to be successful. Read More…

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