July 14, 2024

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Amhara Fano Fighters Make a Big Announcement

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Significant developments have unfolded in the latest turn of events in the Amhara region, particularly involving Fano groups. On Saturday, the Ethiopian military initiated a considerable ground operation against Fano groups, sparking a series of announcements and actions from both military and Fano factions.

Military Operation Against Fano

More than 24 hours ago, the Ethiopian military launched a ground operation against Amhara Fano Fighters. This operation spans different parts of the Amhara region, with North Shawa, South Wollo, East, West, and North Gojjam being the focal points. These areas hold strategic importance as they align to reach Addis Ababa and challenge the current government. The military aims to remove any obstacles, making these areas crucial in their campaign.

While the military has emphasized a ground operation, air support is also involved, although no heavy air strikes on Fano fighters have been reported thus far. The decision to engage Fano groups directly marks a notable shift in military strategy, as earlier recommendations suggested indirect engagement and exploring alternative tactics.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers are reportedly part of this operation, reflecting a substantial deployment. The operation’s success remains to be seen, especially considering the historically better intelligence network of Fano groups in the Amhara region.

Fano’s Response and Road Closure in Gamo Gojjam

Amhara Fano groups, particularly in Gojjam, have strategically responded to the military operation. An announcement was made to close all roads in Gojjam to impede the military’s transportation of weapons, troops, and logistics using civilian vehicles. This coordinated effort underlines the organized nature of Fano groups in the region, presenting a challenge for the Ethiopian military.

The leadership dynamics within Fano have shifted, with Zemene Kassie emerging as a critical figure making political decisions. The alliance with Commander Zenabu, along with the involvement of former Amhara Special Force senior officers, adds complexity to the situation. The road closures aim to disrupt the military’s operations in Gojjam.

Military Gains and Lack of Official Statements

The Ethiopian military has claimed gains in Gojjam. Control of specific areas and the recovery of looted properties, allegedly taken by Fano fighters, have been reported. However, the absence of a comprehensive statement from the military about this operation is being talked about.


The situation in the Amhara region is fluid, with military operations against Fano continuing. It is difficult to predict the outcome of this operation. However, the operation seems critical and decisive for both military and Fano fighters. It’s crucial to monitor developments closely to understand the outcome and implications of these actions.