April 16, 2024

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Amhara Fano Fighters Attack Ambulances

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Now, let’s talk about something that’s both sad and a bit confusing. Imagine you’re in a situation where even ambulances, those vehicles meant to help people in emergencies, are not spared from the complexities of conflict in the Amhara region.

The Ambulance Incidents

So, there’s this group called the Fano Fighters. They are fighting against Ethiopian security forces in the Amhara region. They’ve been involved in the Tigray conflict, and recently, they did something that many people find hard to understand and, honestly, quite distressing. They took not just one but two ambulances by force. Ambulances! Those white vehicles with flashing lights that we all know are there to save lives.

The Red Cross Statement

It’s not just a rumor or someone making things up. The Red Cross, an organization known for helping people in need, had to release a statement about it. They confirmed that two of their ambulances were taken forcefully by the Fano Fighters in East Gojam. These ambulances were on a mission to deliver medical aid, something significant in areas affected by conflict. In another incident, Fano fighters allegedly attacked an ambulance in the Wag Himora zone of the Amhara region. The ambulance suffered damage.

Why Ambulances?

Now, you might wonder why anyone would do that. Ambulances are supposed to be off-limits. Well, these attacks hurt not just the ambulances but also the work that organizations like the Red Cross do. Ambulances help save lives, making it harder for them to do their job if attacked. It’s like hindering the good guys from helping people.

Condemnation and Concerns

People from different places condemn these attacks because it goes against the basic idea of letting ambulances do their job without interference. Both sides in the conflict use ambulances to protect themselves, but attacking them means that organizations trying to help in tough times get disrupted.


It’s disheartening when even things like ambulances become a part of conflict. We all hope these incidents stop and everyone remembers that certain things, like ambulances, should be off-limits. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for better times ahead, where the focus is on helping people rather than hindering those trying to make a positive difference.