July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa police

Addis Ababa Police Bans Vehicle Parking in Specific Areas

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Addis Ababa police has banned vehicle parking in specific areas. In a statement issued, the police asked the residents of the capital city to ensure that no vehicles are parked on roads recently opened after the completion of corridor development works.

On Sunday, Ethiopian Prime Minister reviewed corridor development work himself. He was seen riding a bicycle along a main road which has been expanded. The new corridor project aims at t expanding current road infrastructure in Addis Ababa in terms of building more lanes and connecting existing roads to key places like airport etc.

Addis Ababa police in a statement said,” It is prohibited to park vehicles on roads that are opened for service after corridor development works are completed. It has also been pointed out that it is the responsibility of every citizen to provide proper care and protection for road infrastructures by legal use”.

The roads mentioned by police where parking is banned are:

• From Arat Kilo to St. Mariam church shelter

• From Tewodros Square to Mohammed Music House and also

•The road from Red Bahir Condominium in Degol Square to St. George Church direction, which was opened yesterday.

Addis Ababa police further said that it was the responsibility of every citizen to protect themselves and others from road traffic accidents and to provide proper care and protection for road infrastructure.

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