June 20, 2024

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Addis Ababa Parks

Addis Ababa Parks Revenue Exceeds 50 Million Birr

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Today, the Addis Ababa Public Recreation Areas Management Corporation reported a significant financial achievement, generating over 50 million birr in revenue from the parks under its management during the past ten months.

According to the corporation’s manager, Mrs. Konjit Debala, the organization oversees the operations of 10 parks located within the city of Addis Ababa.

The goal is to generate 70.9 million birr from a projected one million visitors to the managed parks this year. Over the last ten months, the parks have already amassed over 53 million birr from 785,000 visitors. Konjit Debala highlights the increasing popularity of visiting community parks.  And confirmed the rise of 500,000 visitors from 2023 to the current figures within the last ten months.

According to Konjit Debala, there are more than 24 parks in Addis Ababa, with the corporation overseeing the management of 10 specific parks: Enteto Park, Nationality Park, Addis Zoo Park, Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park, July 19 Park, Ambassador Park, Mayor Woldesadiq Park, Ethio-Korea Memorial Park, Afrika Park, and Birthday Park.

Konjit Debala mentioned that several of the older parks, including the National Park, Ethio-Korea Memorial Park, July 19 Park, Addis Zoo Park, and Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park, are scheduled for renovations. Design work has already commenced for the Ethio-Korea Memorial Park and July 19 Park renovations.

Additionally, Konjit Debala mentioned that the corporation’s scope will expand in the future to include managing other existing parks as well as collaborating with private entities to develop new parks where needed.

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