July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa Landlords Demand Increase in Rent

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Addis Ababa tenants complain that the rent increase pressure they are facing from landlords coupled with the cost of living has become a challenge for them.

Addis Ababa Housing Development and Management Office recently ordered the implementation of a new system that will change the traditional practices of landlords and tenants in Addis Ababa.

Since last month, the landlords and tenants have been told to sign contracts in their districts. Landlords can increase the rent only once a year. Following this, many landlords are increasing the rent.

Addis Ababa tenants complain that the increased payment coupled with the high cost of living will make life difficult for them. Although there are some landlords who have not made a reasonable increase, but many of them are demanding a significant increase.

Some landlords are demanding an increase of up to four thousand birr, warning that the tenants will have to vacate houses if they do not accept the increase.

The Addis Ababa Housing Development and Management Office opposes new rent increase, asking tenants to contact the office on phone numbers +251118722917 / +251118553820 if landlords demand increase in rent.

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