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Addis Ababa Rent Prices new rules

Addis Ababa Implements New Rules for Tenant Contracts & Rent Prices

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The Addis Ababa Housing Development and Administration Office has recently issued guidelines for tenant contracts and rent prices. The office is currently conducting a registration process for tenant contracts in 120 districts of Addis Ababa, starting on June 1, 2016.

Citizens are advised to visit their local district offices to complete the registration process within the next 15 days. Failure to register the contract within three months may result in a penalty of two months’ rent.

The office has established a dedicated team to handle the registration process, which is being conducted on Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings. The office has stated that this timeframe is sufficient and does not require any additional days.

Regarding rent increases, the office has prohibited any rent increases or contract terminations starting on March 24. The government has conducted research and announced that rent prices will only be allowed to increase once a year, based on the government’s budget. Landlords are therefore limited to increasing rents once annually, in line with the government’s budgetary guidelines.

Moreover, a few days ago, tenants in Addis Ababa complained about the rent hike by the landlords. Tenants are facing more pressure from landlords to increase rent. Read More…

In summary, the Addis Ababa housing authority has implemented new rules to regulate tenant contracts and rent prices, including mandatory registration, penalties for late registration, and strict limits on when and how much landlords can increase rents.

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