July 19, 2024

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addis ababa facing long lines at the gas stations

Addis Ababa Face Long Lines Due to Fuel Shortage

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Drivers in Addis Ababa are waiting in long lines due to the fuel shortage. The oil and energy authority announced that the renovation of the oil depot in Djibouti caused the problem. There are lengthy lines of vehicles at multiple gas stations across different neighborhoods in Addis Ababa. Specifically, there are lines of cars waiting to refuel at the station near the Four Kilo Tourist Hotel.

Mr. Amare shared that he had been standing in line for several hours at the station near the Four Kilo Tourist Hotel, from 12 pm until 6 PM, to obtain fuel for his vehicle. Moreover, he expressed frustration that on days when they need to drive to their jobs in the morning, they are forced to waste precious time waiting to fill up their tanks. He emphasized that this fuel shortage crisis is having a major detrimental effect on both the government and the general public.

Concerned citizens are calling the relevant authorities to urgently address this issue. The public relations director at the Oil and Energy Authority acknowledged the extensive queues at gas stations in the capital.

According to the director, the root cause is the ongoing renovation work at the oil depot in neighboring Djibouti. This has reduced the depot’s capacity, leading to longer wait times for fuel trucks to load and unload. As a result, drivers in Addis Ababa have faced hours-long waits because of fuel shortage.

Interestingly, two days ago, when asked about the matter, the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau claimed that they had provided sufficient fuel to the gas stations and were unaware of any shortages. Read More…

The director assured that efforts are underway to resolve the fuel shortage, but it’s clear the disruption has caused significant inconvenience and disruption for many in the city. Residents are eager for a swift resolution to this growing problem.

Despite the Commercial Office’s claim that they do not have information about fuel shortages in the capital city. Whereas there have been long queues at gas stations since last Thursday, indicating that there is indeed a shortage of fuel supply.

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