July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa Condominium

Addis Ababa Condominium Owners Protest about New Tax

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Addis Ababa condominium owners are complaining about roof and wall tax.

The owners of 40/60 condominiums say that they are being told to pay roof and wall tax before the completion of infrastructure. 40/60 condominium house owners in Lemi Kura in Shale site have received an order from the Revenue Office to pay roof and wall tax without any infrastructure built so far.

The mayor of Addis Ababa city administration Mrs. Adanech Abebe has said on different platforms that the condominium where infrastructure work is not complete will not pay roof and wall taxes.

The authorities are threatening to cut off electricity if roof and wall tax is not paid. Before the condominiums were completely finished, some people have moved in and completed some construction work at their own expense.

Most of the condominiums found in Shale site have bank debts. People say that government should extend the relief period of roof and wall tax.

The owners say that they have repeatedly tried to explain the situation by going to the office of Lemi Kura sub-city, they submitted a written application too. But still authorities are telling them to pay the tax.

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