June 20, 2024

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Addis Ababa motorcycle

Addis Ababa Announces Deadline for Motorcycle Owners

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Addis Ababa Traffic Management Authority today announced a deadline for motorcycle owners and asked them to renew their driving license by June 30 (Ethiopian Calendar).

Motorcycle driving license is renewed every year in Addis Ababa. The office stated that there are owners who have not renewed their licenses and urged them to renew their licenses by June 30/2016 (Ethiopian Calendar).

The office said that the owners who do not renew after the specified date will not be able to move in the city and legal action will be taken against the owner who fails to do so.

Despite the lack of proper infrastructure and limited purchasing power, the demand for motorcycles in Ethiopia is steadily increasing due to their affordability and versatility in navigating through congested city streets. Since road infrastructure is much better in the capital city than in other places, Addis Ababa witnessed major increase in the number of motorcycles on roads.

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