July 19, 2024

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Addis Ababa

29% Food Service Points in Addis Ababa are Below Standard

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29% of the facilities that provide food services in Addis Ababa are below standard, states a survey.

The Addis Ababa Food and Drug Authority has announced that 29% of the establishments that provide food services in Addis Ababa are below standard. The authority conducted a gap identification survey of food and health facilities and announced the results.

Mrs. Bezait Girma, Director of Food and Health Licensing in the authority, said that 29.1 percent facilities are below standard.

In the study, 2,653 food service establishments of different levels were included. The director said that if the substandard institutions do not fix their problems, their licenses will not be renewed.

Tadese Worodofa, director of licensing of health institutions and professionals, is of the view that various gaps were noticed in the survey of health institutions.

He pointed out that the non-availability of a professional who has been given a qualification verification license and the employment of a professional who is not registered by the regulatory body are separate problems.

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